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Asia Club Zone VIP Card



Introducing the latest addition to the Shenzhen party scene… the Asia Club Zone VIP Card and Coupon Club! VIP card members can access an array of amazing food and drink coupons redeemable at nightclubs, pubs, and KTVs around Shenzhen. These are exclusive discounts ONLY for our VIP cardholders, and can only be redeemed when you show your valid Asia Club Zone VIP card.

Not only does the Asia Club Zone VIP card give you great discounts at participating venues, it also grants you exclusive access to Asia Club Zone special events and promotions such as Red Carpet, Beer Bus, and our VIP Roadtrip. Visit our Coupon Club for great prices and savings reserved only for VIP cardholders. The savings started April 1, 2015 with more and more coupons being added all the time! Redeeming a coupon is as simple as showing bar staff the digital coupon on your phone and presenting your valid Asia Club Zone VIP card.

New cards are issued quarterly and are good for three months. Buy your VIP card in the first two months for only 100 RMB, or in the last month for 50 RMB. At about 33 RMB a month, your VIP card usually pays for itself the first time you use it!

Right now you can get your VIP card from Asia Club Zone staff members, Bang DJs, or at Asia Club Zone special events. Stay tuned for future announcements to find out where to buy your VIP card in Futian Coco Park, Luohu, and Shekou Seaworld.



By use of the Asia Club Zone VIP card, you agree to the following rules and regulations, which are subject to change at any time:

1) the VIP card must be presented for all Asia Club Zone discounts, promotions and coupons.

2) the VIP card can be used to order a maximum of 2 items at a time. Those items must be fully consumed before the VIP card can be used again.

3) the VIP card is only valid for the dates shown on the front.

4) the VIP card has no monetary value and is non-transferrable. No refunds or replacements.

5) Asia Club Zone is not responsible for the conduct of the cardholder, or any damages that arise from the use or misuse of the VIP card.

6) Asia Club Zone reserves the right to modify or cancel any coupon or promotion at any time without notice.

7) use of the VIP card does not guarantee table availability, and a minimum table charge may be levied by the venue.

8) the VIP card remains the property of Asia Club Zone and can be cancelled at any time at the sole discretion of Asia Club Zone.